Hurricane Michael leaves behind destructive path, light of hope

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Hurricane Michael leaves behind destructive path, light of hope. (WEAR)

ESCAMBIA COUNTY, Fla. (WEAR) - Northwest Florida residents were anxiously anticipating Hurricane Michael's arrival -- but not in a good way.

Meteorologists sounded the first alarm, alerting residents that something unusual was brewing in the tropics near the Caribbean.

As they kept a watchful eye on the "tropical system," some noticed this storm was growing into something much more than a tropical disturbance.

The storm was birthed and later named Michael. It was official; the tropical disturbance was no longer a number and it was heading toward Florida.

This massive storm started brewing so much trouble that Florida Gov. Rick Scott declared a state of emergency and began to rally county officials to make preparations for the monstrous storm heading toward the Sunshine State.

As hurricane preparations began, some people couldn't help but notice the similarities between Hurricane Michael and Michael Myers. For those not well-versed in scary movies, Myers is a fictional character who first appeared in John Carpenter's 1978 movie "Halloween." The horror flick is about a young boy who murdered his sisters and returned 15 years later to terrorize teenagers during the Halloween season.

Hurricane Michael was an antagonist stirring up trouble in the Gulf of Mexico, putting Florida residents in an uncomfortable situation. It was no coincidence that residents started to make comparisons between the Halloween thriller and the monstrous, devastating storm.

The warnings, alerts and evacuations had many people on edge. As Michael grew and grew, his strength started to make people nervous.

Emergency management officials told residents pack up and get out of Hurricane Michael's way. Residents were advised to leave before it was too late for rescue crews to save them.

The sound waves echoed Michael and his widespread seas raged and ravished the shorelines.

As the waves intensified, some residents said they were going to stay in town and not heed the warnings. There were even boaters and tourists who proclaimed they were going to hunker down on the beaches and near the shores in RVs and boats.

But Michael was moving hauntingly toward the Florida and Alabama shores, Mother Nature making a statement.

Meteorologists waited eagerly Tuesday night to determine the hurricane's path. Viewers debated, asking, "Will this hideous storm veer off to the left or right?"

Michael kept moving aggressively forward and, finally, on Wednesday afternoon, he struck a disastrous blow and landed near Mexico Beach.

The Category 4 hurricane was no joke.

Hurricane Michael caused significant destruction to the Gulf Coast, but there's one thing Michael the fictional character and Michael the storm did not anticipate -- the survival and hope of the people impacted by the storm:

Although Hurricane Michael may have shaken, agitated and disturbed the peace of the people of Florida, the strength and resilience of millions rebuilding will never outweigh the power of fear.