Now that's the ticket: Wienermobile receives warning in West Virginia

Alex Hale, a spokesperson for the Wienermobile, pauses for a photo with a member of Charleston Parking Enforcement. (Photo Courtesy of KraftHeinz)

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WCHS/WVAH) -- Frankly speaking, the driver of the Wienermobile has no beef with Charleston Parking Enforcement in West Virginia .

He got off easy.

Alex Hale, a spokesperson for the Wienermobile, said he parked the ginormous vehicle so he could get a bite to eat Thursday.

“While stopping at Books and Brews for our first ever pepperoni roll, we received a hilarious warning from Charleston Parking Enforcement,” Hale said in an email. “We actually walked up as the warning was being written.”

A photo of the warning ticket puts the parking enforcement agent’s sense of humor on full display: “You were ticketed because you’re a wiener.”

The parking enforcement agent, who Hale identified as Louis, even posed for a photo with Hale with the Wienermobile serving as a backdrop that definitely cuts the mustard.

“Bottom line: the world needs more people like Charleston Parking Enforcement’s Louis,” Hale wrote. “His good nature and sense of humor made our afternoon. I’d love to see him get some credit for his creativity and good-humored approach to his job.”

For his efforts, the parking enforcement agent was captured in a photo he most certainly will always "relish" and received a Wienermobile sticker for his stepson.

Meanwhile, the driver of the Wienermobile will never have to worry about paying fines since it was just a warning ticket and there was no real violation of "slaw."

No chance it will "ketchup" with him later.