San Antonio man gets back at 'Grinch' for stealing Christmas decorations

Man decorates with surveillance photos. (WOAI)

SAN ANTONIO (WOAI) - A homeowner along Luckey River on San Antonio’s southwest side is comparing what happened outside his home to something from “The Grinch.”

“Just like in the story 'The Grinch,' if his heart could grow 10 sizes, maybe he would not just bring our stuff back, maybe he'd bring everybody's stuff back,” said Ken Lamkin, the impacted homeowner.

Early on Christmas Eve, surveillance video captured someone stealing Christmas decorations outside Lamkin’s home. According to Lamkin, the thief stole about $400 worth of decorations.

"It reminded me of the movie 'The Grinch,' when the Grinch was going through town taking everybody's presents and decorations,” said Lamkin. "We're not going to let some Grinch steal our Christmas from us."

WOAI had to blur the crook’s face because of the ongoing investigation but Lamkin used it as inspiration.

"We printed up some posters, put them up on some poster board,” said Lamkin. “We wanted to keep it in the spirit of things, so we made it like a Christmas decoration.”

His home’s yard is now filled with six screenshot photos of the alleged suspect captured from a surveillance video. “The Grinch” song is also being played on repeat outside, while a projector screen shows the surveillance tape.

“We're going to watch this Grinch and just sit around and enjoy the night,” said Lamkin.

Whoever is responsible managed to get away, but Lamkin remains optimistic for his own storybook ending.

“Hopefully something will happen, and it will touch his heart, and he will change,” said Lamkin. “Maybe he'll return all of the things he has stolen, just like the Grinch did.”