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Loretta Lynn's career honored with Tennessee mural

Loretta Lynn.jpg
Loretta Lynn's career honored with Tennessee mural (Courtesy: Loretta Lynn Ranch)

HUMPHREYS COUNTY, Tenn. (WZTV) — Country music icon Loretta Lynn is being honored with a mural that showcases her 60-year career in the business.

It was complete just in time for the superstar to turn 89 and on the heels of her new album, "Still Woman Enough."

It can be found on Loretta Lynn's Ranch in Hurricane Mills. It's 60 feet long and features four different photos throughout Lynn's career.

Guests are invited to come out and get their picture taken with the artwork.

The artwork was painted by two muralists, one from Nashville and another from Austin, Texas.

“This has been one of the most memorable experiences I have had painting a wall; and the amazing feedback from fans and Loretta’s family alike has been awesome," Stephen Sloan from Never Extinct Murals in Nashville said.

Lynn is ecstatic with hoe the mural turned out and is happy to be able to offer it at her family-run farm.

“I’m so proud of the ranch. My husband Doo poured his life into it and Anthony is doing such a great job for me with it," Lynn said. "I have always loved to paint myself, something a lot of people may not know, but I couldn’t imagine painting a huge wall like that. They did such a great job for us and our guests. I’m sure proud of it.”

Over her career spanning more than six decades, the Grammy-award winning singer and coal miner's daughter has released multiple gold albums.

Lynn came to Nashville and signed her first record contract in 1960. Since then. she's championed songs for women, by women.

“Most of my songs were from the women’s point of view,” Loretta wrote in her autobiography. “That’s who I’m singing about and singing to during my shows. And the girls know it.Most of my fan club is women, which is how I want it.”

She's been outspoken with the way she believes country music is going.